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Good DJ + Good Sound = DJ Ikass

I understand how important is Your event and I am here to help You.
If part of it is music, sound & light and can be the professional that will take care of it!


Tell me about your wishes, intentions or rely on my experinece and I will help to happen your wedding, anniversary, ball, corporate event or sports games ..!
DJ Ikass:
- Attractive and experienced DJ
- A broad repertoire
- Quality sound and light
- Karaoke options
- Special effects (smoke, bubbles, etc.)


I understand that the needs and possibilities are different, so I find the right sound and light techniques.
In my opinion, it is first and foremost to choose the sound that suits the space and the possibilities.
Below is an assistant in the selection of sound and lights.

In addition, I will provide:
- Microphones
- Special effects (smoke, foam, etc.)


Your rooms needs a background sound or there are regular parties?  
I offer sound solutions for private and commercial premises!
This is the sound of one or more zones:

- Bars
- In restaurants
- Guest houses
- Offices
- private premises



Greetings! My name is Ivars Ikass or DJ Ikass. I have been living in the world of sound and music since my childhood, because I am lucky to be born in a family of musicians. I've been DJing for about 20 years. In adolescence, music became my soul thing and that is still the case.
During this time I have gained experience playing in various kinds of events - festivals, clubs, private and thematic events (birthdays and corporate parties, weddings).

Repertoire (Music)
What a party without music?! How to choose repertoire?
I know different styles and choose music based on event format and dj intuition. I create a mood by feeling and listening to the audience. I mix different styles - the key is to LET THE PARTY STARTED!

I also provide karaoke (in Latvian, English, Russian) and conducting it.

Sound  & Light Equipment 
Each event is different. Opportunities and wishes are also different. According to it I choose sound and light equipment.
In any case, QUALITY is important to me, because it helps avoid unpleasant surprises. That's why I strive to use sound & light equipment of quality brands.

The standard set includes: DJ equipment, 2 powerful speakers, background and disco lights and 1 radio microphone.
If you want a BALLY with a capital letter then:
- I can play on turntables 
- add light effects, 
- add bubble and foam snow machines
- use additional spotlights, lights, mirror balls ...

Tell me your wishes and I will help to create a pleasant mood and feel at Your EVENT! 

Sound sets

Choose your set of italian sound masters dB Technologies!!

skaņa pasākumam

      Set Nr. 1

2x dB ES602 (0,8 kw) - 118 dB

Inconspicuous appereance
For small events 
Nice bass 
For rooms 50-70 m2

30 EUR (wo VAT) 

skaņa pasākumam

      Set Nr. 2 

2x dB Opera 12 (1.2 kw) - 129 dB

For small events
Quality and loud
For rooms till 70 m2

35 EUR (wo VAT)

skaņa pasākumam

      Set Nr. 3

2x dB Opera 15 (1.2 kw) - 130 dB

If one need "bigger"  and louder sound
For rooms till 100 m2
Suits also outdoors 

40 EUR (wo VAT) 

skaņa pasākumam

       Set Nr. 4

2x dB Opera 15 (1.2 kw) - 130 dB
1x dB Sub 18H (2 kw) - 134 dB

For powerful party
Super bass
For rooms sized 100-150 m2 
Suits also outdoors

     75 EUR (wo VAT)

Lights and Effects

Disko gaismas

3in1 - laser, 15 colours effects, wash lights

Gaismas telpai

LED bars - ideal for creating atmosphere

LED prožektori

Classic LED pars - disco lights or for atmosphere

Dūmi un gaismas

Fog machine - any light effect will look better in fog

Don't hesitate to contact me

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