Online Audio Recordings

Online sound recording in  high definition!

Solution for  podcasts, radio interviews, producers
when high quality audio is priority!

Attālināti, tiešsaistes skaņas ieraksti

 Online audio recording

- High Quality (up to 320 Kbps)
- Live audio in high definition with anyone in the world
- Multi-way audio stream 
- audio material is ready immediately after recording
- each voice or talent can be recorded in separate track

Wherever you are, all you need is - microphone and headphones

* Sound is affected by microphone you use and room 

Audio Production

Sound engineer and recording producer

I have been working with sound recordings, mixing and audio processing for more than 15 years.
It all started with the creation of the music show "Dzīves ritmi mūzikā"  on Latvijas Radio, where I worked as a producer of the show. This included preparing and speaking texts and mixing the show. After a while, I started working on the European Hit Radio (EHR) in parallel, where I got to know sound processing and editing in depth - I work as a music editor, broadcasts producer and also a DJ.
The next step in my experience is working with an international dubbing company, where I work as a dubbing director and sound recording engineer. Dubbing a film or video from a recording director requires special skills, and I have gained invaluable experience in this area.

I will be glad if you contact me. I will help your project to sound!

Skaņu ierkasti

   Sound and Voice Recordings

Professionally equipped studio in Riga
Audio commercials, audio guides,
film dubbing, Podcasts, Online recordings etc.

Balss ieraksti

   Location Sound Recordings

Sound recording on location. 
Recording and mixing of voice, choir, instruments etc.. 

Skaņas apstrāde, miksēšana

Sound Editing and Processsing

When everything is recorded, it is advisable to edit and process the sound.

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